17 years ago, I made a life-changing decision to cut out processed foods and embark on an elimination diet. At that time, my health was in a terrible state, and I seemed to be constantly battling illness. Little did I know that this dietary shift would lead me down a path of healing and significantly improve my immune system.

Initially, the diet was just salmon, rice, and steamed veggies- very boring and hard to sustain. I made lifestyle changes that included yoga, hot & cold therapy, stopped drinking alcohol, and stopped eating processed foods. As my immune system became stronger, I embraced more veggies and started eating a plant-based diet. However, after several years, I encountered a new set of health problems. Chronic pain, poor sleep, and depression became unwelcome companions in my life. It was a shocking realization: the very diet I believed to be nourishing and beneficial was, in fact, making me unwell.

In the upcoming posts, we will delve deep into the world of plant toxins and explore how they can affect our brain, gut, and overall well-being. You’ll discover that many plant foods, often touted as superfoods and considered healthy, can actually contribute to sickness. If you’re struggling with chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, depression, autoimmune diseases, and more, I invite you to follow along as I share my personal journey and discuss the approaches that helped reverse most of these problems.

Now, if you thrive on a plant-based diet, that’s fantastic. However, for those of us dealing with chronic diseases, mental health issues, and difficulties with weight loss, it’s important to take the time to understand how our symptoms might be linked to foods that are commonly considered healthy. It’s crucial to be open to this information, especially if you are considering medications or surgeries to solve your problem. Sometimes these things are necessary, and sometimes if we find the right diet, we can resolve them.

My biggest regret was my initial fear of living without vegetables and greens. Little did I know that by embracing this change, I would discover the harm I was unknowingly inflicting upon myself and my children, through what I believed to be a “healthy” diet.

Plant Toxins – Alkaloids, Oxalates, Lectins, Phytic Acid and More

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Oxalates – Tiny Chards of Crystal in Plant Foods

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The next suggestion I have is to learn about fats and forget everything we’ve been taught. Watch this video with investigative reporter, Nina Teicholz at the Cato Institute.

Am I investigating the mob, or nutrition science?” Nina Techolz

Or if you prefer a book, here is her book. Click the book and it will take you to Amazon to order:

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The diet that healed all my ailments and it’s the ONLY diet I’ve ever been able to lose weight on – heavy without exercise: Carnivore – mostly beef, butter, bacon and eggs. Sometimes I eat some chicken (without added starch), salmon, and shrimp. No, it’s not boring, it’s very satiating and I was able to break all my food addictions.

Don’t be afraid of Carnivore. I was afraid of it because my entire life I was told fat and red meat was bad. Once I overcame that fear, I realized it’s what my body needed. I wish I could go back to my young self and say, “DON’T STOP EATING MEAT, EAT MORE, AVOID SEED OILS, EAT EGGS, EAT ALL THE BACON YOU WANT, CUT THE SUGAR & CARBS, DON’T EAT NIGHTSHADES, SPINACH, ALMONDS, or SWEET POTATOES – THIS DIET WILL HELP.”

My life would’ve been incredibly different if I’d known how to eat a proper human diet and not the foods they’ve been pushing us to eat the last 100 years. Our ancestors did not have access to every fruit and vegetable 365 days a year…there is a reason why.

People have been eating less meat, more fruits and vegetables and people are getting sick.