My Lipedema Story

June is Lipedema Awareness Month. I’m sharing my story to raise awareness about this common misdiagnosed disorder. This is a 12-part story, beginning with the frustrations I encountered on my fitness journey, then how the disease progressed, and all of the difficulties I faced along with way, including losing my mobility. I didn’t let this disease, and the co-morbidities take me down. Through trial and error, I identified a way of eating and therapies that gave me my life back.

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 1 – The Weight Won’t Budge

Have you ever put in a lot of work at the gym, but your body doesn’t reflect it? Can you gain 5-10 pounds overnight? Have you felt like you’ve tried everything, and the weight isn’t budging? Do your legs feel heavy, painful, or bruise easily? In this blog post, I want to share my personal journey with Lipedema to help raise awareness about this often-misdiagnosed condition.

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 2 – Earlier Signs of Lipedema

Most women begin experiencing signs of Lipedema during puberty or pregnancy. Some may exhibit symptoms even in childhood. While I don’t have clear photos of my legs from my childhood, I don’t believe the condition was obvious back then. However, there might have been early subtle signs.

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 3 – Continuing Frustration

Frustrated with the lack of support from my doctor, I realized I needed a significant change. It was evident that my consumption of low-fat processed foods wasn’t benefiting me in any way. I cut out all processed foods, nightshades, oxalates, sugar, nuts, legumes, meat, and most grains, while focusing on gut healing. Although it was a challenging diet to maintain, I couldn’t wait to complete it and achieve my goals.

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 4 – Rapid Progression

In my previous post, I shared how a lifestyle change helped with my undiagnosed Lipedema. However, as I transitioned to an organic whole food plant-based diet, I noticed the Lipedema starting to spread to other areas of my body. I didn’t know at the time and didn’t understand why I was getting bigger.

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 5 – Finding a Diagnosis

If you’ve been following my journey, you can see how Lipedema can really mess with your head. If one more person tells me I just need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, I’m going to lose it. I really needed this diagnosis for the validation. Hearing it from a doctor was crucial, as it would finally reassure me that this is not my fault.

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 6 – Surviving Pregnancy

Knowing that pregnancy can trigger Lipedema, I was determined to manage its progression through careful diet management, wearing compression garments, engaging in regular walking, and swimming at the local pool. Despite my previous painful pregnancy experience, I believed that I had identified the source of my discomfort and hoped for a smoother journey this time.

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 7 – Toxic Superfoods

In this article, I want to shed light on the fact that certain foods, even those considered healthy, can cause inflammation. It can be incredibly challenging to realize when the foods we consume are actually exacerbating our health issues, especially when they are widely regarded as beneficial. Inflammation plays a huge role in the progression of Lipedema and other diseases, making it important to identify the specific foods that trigger inflammation.

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 8 – The Healing Diet

In my previous article, I discussed how certain health foods can cause inflammation and lead to a host of health problems, including the progression of Lipedema. Today, I want to share the incredible impact my new diet has had on my life.

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 9 – My 6 Month Carnivore Diet Transformation

In my previous article, I shared how the Carnivore diet reversed a long list of symptoms I was experiencing and gave me the motivation to want to live again. In this article, I will provide an update on my current Lipedema status

This is my Lipedema Story – Part 10 – Lipedema & Oxalates

In my last article, I shared how the Carnivore diet transformed my body and how I’ve been managing Lipedema. Now, I’d like to delve into an interesting aspect of my health journey: the role of kidney health and its potential impact on Lipedema progression.

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