Follow me on my journey to get my EDS diagnosis.

Metrodora is a new clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah that will be diagnosing Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), one of the disorders I have. It’s a very underdiagnosed genetic disorder because most doctors think it’s extremely rare. It’s not. I am using this page to raise awareness about EDS.

It’s common to have headaches and migraines with EDS. I had my first migraine at age 11, after eating pizza. I’ve struggled with head and neck pain most of my life. The oxalates in many plant foods, as well as the alkaloids in nightshades and caffeine trigger my headaches or migraines. The toxins tense up my muscles, pulling me out of alignment. I may also fall out of alignment if I carry anything too heavy, chase my 2 year old, or take my kids to the amusement park. Yep, just being a mom can knock me out of alignment.

My osteopathic manual therapist uses postural, myofascial, trigger point, lymph, myo-skeletal, and visceral release. I also have a Rossitier Streching Technique therapist. Rossiter is a myofascial bodywork that restores space and function in connective tissue.

Managing my EDS and chronic pain means knowing my limits, sticking with my diet, letting my husband carry the heavy stuff, and seeing my therapists regularly.

More coming soon.