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My Lipedema Story – Part 11- My 9 Month Carnivore Transformation Update

I wanted to share another update with you all. In September, we had our family photos taken, and I was 8 months into my Carnivore diet. Before the photoshoot, I embarked on a shopping trip to Torrid in search of the perfect outfit. I tried on several pairs of pants, and while some size 12s fit my waist, they felt too snug on my legs. My favorite pants from Torrid are the Bombshell Flares, designed for curves. To illustrate my journey, let’s rewind to January, where I comfortably fit into size 18 Bombshell Flares. By February, I was down to a size 16, and by May, I had transitioned to size 14. When September rolled around, my size 14 still fit well, but felt a tad loose at the waist, whereas the size 12 seemed a bit tight in the hips and thighs.

Transformation: A month later, I excitedly shared my progress with a friend, showcasing the noticeable improvement in the texture of my legs, especially the reduction in the fat pad above my knees. In my excitement, I headed back to Torrid to try on those coveted size 12 Bombshell Flares, and they fit me like a glove.

The pace of these changes may be slow, but I’m genuinely impressed by how my Lipedema areas are gradually changing. In the past, I might have grown frustrated with these gradual results and considered giving up. Lipedema typically involves swelling, which often masks these changes. Yet, my Carnivore diet, alongside the use of a lymphatic pump on my legs, has effectively kept the swelling at bay.

Now, one month later, I’ve lost an additional 3 pounds since my 6-month Carnivore check-in, bringing my total weight loss to a remarkable 25 pounds. However, there’s one downside to this transformation – I’m now sizing out of Torrid tops, they only make down to a size 10. To put this into perspective, when I started my journey in 2023, I was a Torrid size 1 (14/16) or 0 (12) for my tops and dresses. Now, I’m fitting into Torrid 00 (10) for tops and dresses, but strangely, some size 00 clothing is even too large for my torso. The challenge is compounded when shopping elsewhere, as many clothes don’t accommodate my arms or chest.

Lipedema and the Struggle: While these changes are encouraging, one challenge remains – I still have Lipedema, and my left hip is still visibly larger than my right. As those who’ve followed my journey know, my left hip was replaced. I’ve been striving to acquire a Flexitouch Lymphatic pump in the hope of reducing the swelling in my hip. Last year, my insurance denied it, recommending a diet instead. However, this year, they approved a basic pump, though it doesn’t cover my hip, leading to painful fluid buildup. Fortunately, I recently received word that the Flexitouch pump is now approved. It’s been two years since my hip was replaced.

The Impact of the Pump: Having a pump has undoubtedly improved the condition of my legs, alongside my Carnivore diet. On most days, I can barely tell I have Lipedema in my calves anymore. For the past decade, I’ve been forced to purchase wide calf boots, and at times, even those weren’t wide enough. Now, the widest part of my calf measures 15 1/2 inches. This reduction led me to explore regular tall boots, and I stumbled upon a pair designed for plantar fasciitis with cloud bed technology and washable material. It was a dream come true – the tall boot fit perfectly!

Physical Transformations: My ankle circumference has also reduced from 11 inches to 9 inches, and my hips, at their widest point, shrank from 47 inches to 45 inches. My chest, when measured in a bra, has slimmed down to 39 inches from 44 inches, while the narrowest part of my waist now measures 32 inches. Dressing these curves has become quite a puzzle, requiring plenty of stretch in the clothing.

A Surprise Discovery: One delightful surprise in this journey has been the newfound muscle definition in my arms. Despite engaging in yoga, pilates, and body pump classes in the past, I never noticed these muscles before. This is something entirely new.

Regaining Mobility: With the progress I’ve made, I’ve also regained mobility. Initially, I started by driving my kids part of the way to school and walking the rest with them. Today, I can manage the entire distance, even though it gets a bit painful towards the end. My physical therapists have been instrumental in addressing my Plantar Fasciitis and hip issues. Taping my foot for plantar fascia support has proven beneficial, and it’s finally healing. Additionally, they realign my hips every week and address any muscle spasms.

Improved Energy: For the last two months, I haven’t experienced the extreme exhaustion and full-body pain that previously plagued me. My fatigue is manageable and usually sets in towards the end of a busy day. When this happens, I recognize that my body is signaling the need for rest. It’s not the debilitating exhaustion that rendered me immobile for hours, which I last experienced in July. Instead, I get tired and simply require a short break to recharge.

Dietary Shifts: In the past month, I’ve been a bit more relaxed with my diet, occasionally indulging in lower oxalate keto dishes with my family. I’ve even ventured into making homemade keto ice cream and cake for my family’s birthday celebrations. While I feel my best sticking to steak and eggs, it’s nice to enjoy these treats in the safest way possible. These indulgences were lightly sweetened with allulose, and the cake was made with coconut and cashew flour, which I’ve found to be lower in oxalates than almond flour. I do need to be careful because these keto desserts hurt me last year.

Skin Transformation: I’m still amazed by the improvements in my skin. I’ve had mild keratosis pilaris on the back of my arms for as long as I can remember. Recently, I touched the back of my arms and couldn’t believe how soft they’ve become. I often find myself rubbing my arms to feel the newfound softness. I believe I now possess the “Carnivore glow,” as I receive numerous compliments from people.

Dealing with Oxalates: The frequency of oxalate dumps has decreased, and they seem to be triggered by myofascial release. Interestingly, some of these releases also seem to trigger my full nightshade reaction. If nightshade alkaloids can accumulate in the body, it’s possible that they could also be stored in our tissues and released?

Symptom Reversal: During my Carnivore journey, a multitude of symptoms have reversed in the last nine months, including gout, tennis elbow, severe dry eyes, unquenchable thirst, kidney pain, dry skin, dry mouth, dry hair, hypercalcemia, high DHEA, high testosterone, high homocysteine, PMS, intermittent carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, depression, anxiety, keratosis pilaris, armpit pain and swelling, armpit odor, improved Lipedema texture, reduced Lipedema areas, and a significant 25-pound weight loss that included post-pregnancy and miscarriage weight. Furthermore, I have more energy and feel like myself again.

Next Update: In my next article, I will share a very recent diagnosis of yet another genetic disorder, a significant one that has been silently affecting me and could have been life-threatening in the coming years. Please stay tuned for my next update, where I’ll delve into the controversial nature of my plans to manage it.

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  1. Eva Woodward says:

    Your story has been very informative, thank you so much for sharing. I will be using quite a few of your recommendations, including carnivore diet, the lymphatic pump and compression stockings.

  2. Eva Woodward says:

    Your story has been very informative, thank you so much for sharing.
    I will be using quite a few of your recommendations, including carnivore diet, the lymphatic pump and compression stockings.

    1. I’m glad it was helpful!

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